"Alan Frog: Death to all vampires!


Alan Frog

Edgar Frog: Maximum body count!
Edgar Frog: We're awesome monster bashers!
Alan Frog: The meanest!

Edgar Frog: The baddest!”- Alan and Edgar on slaying the Lost Boys'


Alan Frog works at (or owns) a Comic Book store on the Boardwalk of Santa, Carla with his brother and (presumed) parents. He was first introduced to the movie when he met fellow protagonist, Sam Emerson. He and his brother, Edgar Frog, are Vampire Hunters and help aid in the slaying of the Lost Boys.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Not much is shown in Alan personality-wise. He is serious about what he believes in, despite the childish belief. He is the more calm one; the rational Frog Brother. He is some-what laid-back (compared to Edgar; but he is still suspicious and paranoid about everyone). Like his brother, he is kind of social inept. He, too, being quite young is still very “mature” about what is going on, and the case of Vampires. Although, he loses his cool during his first kill.

Appearance: Alan's appearance isn't as dramatic as his brother's, Edgar, is. He wears a gray muscle shirt with a green army shirt over top. He has either dark brown hair, or black, and brown eyes.


Edgar Frog: Brother, very close

Edgar, Alan, and Parents

Sam Emerson: Friend, possibly the only one.

Micheal Emerson: Helped him; was willing to kill him.

Lucy Emerson: Nothing specified; helped her family.

The Lost Boys:

David: Nothing specified.

Marko: First Vampire he killed; nothing else

Sam, Edgar, and Alan

Dwayne: Nothing specified.

Paul: Second Vampire he killed; nothing else

Max: Nothing specified.

Star: Helped her; was willing to kill her.

Laddie: Helped him; was willing to kill him.

After The EventsEdit

In the second film, nothing is shown about Alan, but speculation is that he became a Vampire which is why he was absent in the second film. He will be re-appearing in the third film.

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