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Dwayne was seen right behind David in the opening scene. He was following him on the Carousel with Marko and Paul following behind. He was seen standing behind the Surf-Nazi and his girlfriend and when the fight started, he was shown jumping in quickly. He was later seen walking off the Carousel, he was in front of Paul.

Dwayne riding his bike

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Little is known about Dwayne. He is most commonly seen standing off to the side, attentive and alert, ready to strike when needed. In the book it was said to be that he likes skateboarding and is supposed to the the awkward character. He is often found riding with Laddie. Out of all the Lost Boys', he is the one that Laddie is most commonly with. Contrary to the fan-speculation that he isn't one to show many emotions, he is sometimes seen smiling or grinning slightly.

Appearance: Dwayne was shown as being the dark, silent Boy. He has long black hair and brown eyes. He was shown wearing a black jean jacket without a shirt and various necklaces. He wears black pants, and black boots. In the book, it was said that he was Latin, and fans speculate that he may also be Native American.

As A Vampire

Dwayne as a Vampire


Personality: Same.

Appearance: Dwayne, in his Vampire form, has higher cheek-bones, more defined brow bones, a more angular face, yellow/gold eyes with darker pupil and a brownish/gray surrounding both eyes; he also has fangs.

Dwayne sleeping


Micheal Emerson: Nothing specified, although in the book, it is said that he was showing Micheal some of his moves on his skateboard.

Sam Emerson: Nothing specified; reason he died.

Lucy Emerson: Nothing specified

The Frog Brothers': Nothing specified; reason his family is dead.

The Lost Boys:

Dwayne, David, Paul, and Marko- The Lost Boys

David: Respected, friends.

Marko: Friends.

Paul: Friends.

Star: Nothing specified.

Laddie: Treats him like a younger brother.

Maria: Possible interest; when she is introduced, he is seen grinning at her from the side of the counter.


Dwayne dying


Dwayne scared by Holy Water

Dwayne just before his death

He was first shot by Sam, but when he missed, Sam tried again with a bow and arrow. He was shot in the chest (presumably near the heart) and was thrown and pinned into the stereo, where he got electrocuted until he exploded.

Life BeforeEdit

Nothing specified, although, in the book, he was referred to as Latin.

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