“How much do you think we should charge them for this?” -Edgar Frog

Edgar Frog


Edgar Frog works at (or owns) a Comic Book store on the Boardwalk of Santa, Carla with his brother and (presumed) parents. He was first introduced to the movie when he met fellow protagonist, Sam Emerson. He and his brother, Alan Frog, are Vampire Hunters and help aid in the slaying of the Lost Boys.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Edgar Frog is shown as being somewhat serious in spite of what he believes in (Vampires, Ghouls, Werewolves...). He is also the leader of the Frog Brothers', being the one who makes the decisions. He is later shown as more serious and socially inept. Extremely little care is shown for vampires, even going so far as to not show much regard for whose loved one is a vampire. Despite this harsh, and somewhat 'grown-up attitude', Edgar is quite young in the first film.

Appearance: Dressed in camouflage and a signature red bandanna. Edgar has little care for wardrobe, but continuously makes fun of other peoples' (Sam Emerson; Fashion Victim. Paul; Twisted Sister). He has wavy, shoulder length brown hair, and brown eyes.


Alan Frog: Brother, very close.
Lostboys frogbros1b

Edgar And Alan

Sam Emerson: Friend, possibly the only one.

Micheal Emerson: Helped him but was willing to kill him.

Lucy Emerson: Nothing specified.

The Lost Boys:

David: Nothing specified.

Marko: First Vampire he killed; nothing else.

Dwayne: Nothing specified.

Paul: Second Vampire he killed; nothing else.

Alan, Sam, and Edgar's first kill

Max: Nothing specified.

Star: Helped her but was also willing to kill her.

Laddie: Helped him but was also willing to kill him.

Parents: Strained.

After The Events:Edit

After the events of the first movie, Edgar moves on to be come a Vampire Hunter and appearance in the second and third film.

Edgar, grown-up

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