"Michael Emerson: Looks like he's dead!



Sam Emerson: If he's dead, can we go back to Phoenix?”- Sam and Michael on Grandpa.


Grandpa is first seen laying “dead” on the front porch.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: He is most notably a hermit, living in his house and scarcely ever venturing out to town. He also knows about the Vampire problem in Santa Carla but doesn't act on it. It is speculated that he just doesn't bother with them. He is shown as having a pretty eccentric attitude. He is alos interested in Taxidermy.

Appearance: He is mostly seen wearing a button up shirt and lose pants. He doesn't really seem as though he cares much for his wardrobe.

Grandpa playing dead


Micheal Emerson: Grandson.

Sam Emerson: Grandson.

Lucy Emerson: Daughter

The Frog Brothers': Nothing specified.

The Lost Boys:

David: Nothing specified.

Marko: Nothing specified.

Dwayne: Nothing specified.

Paul: Nothing specified.

Max: Nothing specified.

Star: Nothing specified.

Laddie: Nothing specified.

The Widow Johnson: Romantic interest.

After The EventsEdit

Nothing is specified, although, in the Comics, it was stated that he was turned into a Vampire by The Widow Johnson.

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