“Holy shit! It's the attack of Eddie Munster!”- Edgar Frog on Laddie.

Laddie Thompson


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Personal InformationEdit

Laddie as a vampire

Laddie as a vampire

Nothing specified in the film, although, in the book, Laddie was said to always be with Star or Dwayne or Paul and seemed to know what was going on. Appearance: Laddie looks around ten, with straight, shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes. He is shown wearing a jean jacket and a pair of jeans.
Star and Laddie xx

Laddie and Star


Micheal Emerson: Nothing specified; romantic interest to Star.

Sam Emerson: Nothing specified.

Lucy Emerson: Nothing specified.

The Frog Brothers': Nothing specified. Tried to kill him and Star at one point.

Laddie, Star and the Lost Boys

The Lost Boys:

David: Nothing specified.

Dwayne and Laddie

Dwayne and Laddie

Older brother type thing.

Marko: Nothing specified.

Paul: Nothing specified.

Star: Brother/Sister relationship.
Star and Laddie Thompson

Star and Laddie

Life Before The Lost BoysEdit

Turning: Nothing is mentioned in the film, but in the script he was talking with Star about remembering something: “I know it was them, Star. I'm sure of it. He was working in the yard -- hammering something. The yard was big with lots of grass. There was no boardwalk and no ocean. She was bringing him something cold to drink... and had red hair. I was there, too. And a dog -- but I don't know its name. I was running and the dog was chasing me. Then I turned around and chased the dog. They were watching me. Drinking their cold drinks and laughing. And I was laughing, too.”
Laddie, Paul and Marco

Laddie, Paul and Marko

Life After The Lost BoysEdit

Nothing specified, although, it is presumed that he had a child named Lisa Thompson.

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