Lucy, you're the only woman I ever knew that didn't improve her situation by getting divorced.”- -Grandpa

Lucy Emerson

-Grandpa on her living with him


After a nasty divorce with her husband, she moves her two children from Phoenix, Arizona, to Santa Carla, California. She later tries to find a job, and runs into Max, unknowingly attracting the Head Vampire of Santa, Carla.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Lucy is shown as being a very compassionate and a very mothering person. She was willing to die for her children in order to let them live. In the book, she is shown as being a very kind person, and an over-all push over.

Appearance: Lucy is shown dressed in the 60's skirts and 70's blouses. She wears mostly long, ankle skirts and lose blouses. She has short brown hair, and brown eyes.


Sam Emerson: Son.

Micheal Emerson: Son.

The Frog Brothers': Nothing really personal; saved her family.

The Lost Boys:

David: Nothing specified.

Marko: Nothing specified.

Dwayne: Nothing specified.

Paul: Nothing specified.

Max: Romantic interest; he tried to turn her into a Vampire.

Star: Son's romantic interest; nothing specified.

Laddie: Nothing specified.

After The EventsEdit

Nothing is specified.

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