And we only came for one thing.”- Paul when noticing Maria



Maria was first introduced as the counter girl in Max's video store. She was working behind the counter when the Lost Boys' and Lucy came in.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Nothing is really told about her personality in the movie. In one scene, she looks over her shoulder at Lucy while she talks to Micheal about her date with Max. She grins and looks as if she knows what's going on. This could also be due to the “Lost Girls” rumor. Nothing is generally specified.

Appearance: Maria is shown as having dark skin, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and wearing a dark brown halter-top.


The Lost Boys:

Marko, Dwayne and Maria

David: Nothing specified.

Marko: Possible interest; when she is first introduced, Marko walks over to the counter and leans causally on it.

Dwayne: Possible interest; when she is introduced, he is seen grinning at her from the side of the counter.

Paul: Possible interest; he was the one who first saw her, and (with Marko and Dwayne) walked over to talk to her before being kicked out.

Max: Possible friends; they maintain a work-related relationship.

Lucy and Maria

Lucy Emerson: They could possibly be friends.

After The EventsEdit

Nothing is known about Maria after the events.

Lost Girl RumorEdit

It was rumored that Maria could have been one of the speculated "Lost Girls" (a script that never was made into a movie; an idea) or that she could have known about the Boys because of her working so close to Max.

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