"Feeding time, Come and get it boys". -

Marko Lost Boy

Marko, returning to the lair, with Chinese food in hand.


Marko is one of the vampires and is the youngest in looks but is a youngster carefree soul.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Despite not have much of a characterization in the movie, Marko's personality is pretty evident. He is always grinning being his fist or biting this thumb, showing a 'I know something you don't know' sense about him. He has a very close connection with David, being the one who pushes him, the one who David speaks to first, the one who gets the food, and ultimately, the one who David risks the sun to avenge after he was killed. He doesn't have much regard for humans', showing that he is very sadistic and cunning. He is always hiding behind a smirk, or a Cheshire grin, even when things get tense. He is depicted as liking to toy with people. Although, when he was first introduced (when the Surf-Nazi tried to fight with

Marko riding his bike

them and when Micheal attacked David) Marko dropped the smirk and fought back showing that Marko is very willing to fight. He is also shown to like pigeons, having caught one when they first entered the Cave and holding it. Appearance: Marko is most known with his colorful and well-designed jacket with patches, black knuckle-length gloves, a midriff-length white shirt, faded jeans, a leather cow-boy styled cover over top of the jeans, and old, tattered brown boots.

Marko sleeping

As A VampireEdit

Personality: Same, more sadistic.

Appearance: Marko, in his Vampire form, has higher cheek-bones, more defined brow bones, a more angular face, yellow/gold eyes with darker pupil and a brownish/gray surrounding both eyes; he also has fangs.


Micheal Emerson: Tried to initiate him into the Lost Boys; reason the Lost Boy's were killed.

Sam Emerson: Was also suppose to initiate him; nothing specified, also reason the Lost

Marko as a Vampire

Boy's were killed.

Lucy Emerson: Nothing specified.

The Frog Brothers': Killed by them; reason the Lost Boy's were killed.

The Lost Boys

David: Somewhat of a 'Right-hand man'. He respects David.

Dwayne: Friends.

Paul: Friend, they tend to mess around with each other more.

Star: Nothing really specified.

Marko's grin

Laddie: Nothing specified.

Maria: Possible interest; when she is first introduced, Marko walks over to the counter and leans causally on it.

Marko being staked


In the film, Marko was staked first when Edgar drove a stake through his heart. Although, in the script, it was said that Marko was suppose to die before David, leaving him and David the last two alive, aside from Max. He was killed when staking Sam in the kitchen. Sam shoved a napkin holder in his mouth, and filled it with garlic.

Life Before The Lost Boys
Thumbs marko2

Nothing is specified. Fan's assume that he could be (taken from actor, Alex Winter's background) from England, or Italian; the name Marko has Italian and German heritage also.

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