Max: It was going to be so perfect, Lucy. Just like one big, happy family. You're boys... and my boys.



Edgar Frog: Great! The Bloodsucking Brady Bunch!"- Edgar and Max


Max was first introduced as being the owner of a video store located on the Boardwalk. He first showed interest in Lucy when she was helping a small boy.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Max first comes off as being a geeky and a little awkward while posing as a bumbling human.

Appearance: He is shown wearing very geeky clothing such as striped shirts, a colorful tie, dress pants, dress shows, and glasses. He has light brown hair and brown eyes.

As A VampireEdit

Personality: When Max in in his Vampire form, showing his real personality, he is more determined, controlling, and mocking.

Appearance: When Max is in his Vampire form, he has higher cheek-bones, more defined brows, gold/yellow eyes with red outlining his eyes and a brownish/gray color surrounding his eyes. He also has fangs.

Max as a vampire


Micheal Emerson: Wanted him to be another one of his “Boys'”

Sam Emerson: Wanted him to be another one of his “Boys'”

Lucy Emerson: Wanted her to be the mother of his “Boys'”; romantic interest.

The Frog Brothers': Killed his family; suspicious of him.

The Lost Boys:

David: Creator; strained.

Dwayne: Creator; strained.

Marko: Creator; strained.
David, Dwayne and Paul- The Three Eldest Lost Boys

David, Dwayne and Paul in Max's video store

Paul: Creator; strained.

Star: Non-existent.

Laddie: Non-existent.

Maria: Possible friends; they maintain a work-related relationship


Death: He is killed by Grandpa driving a truck into him.

Life Before The Lost BoysEdit

In the closing piece of the script, it was said that he was in Santa Carla in the early 1900's and on the cave wall there is a picture of him smiling under a straw hat.

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