"YOU'RE MINE! YOU KILLED MARKO!". Paul shouting at Edgar over Marko's death.
Paul Lost Boy xx


Introduction: Edit

Paul was first introduced on the carousel, walking behind Dwayne. He was also the one who walked up to the Surf-Nazi and his girlfriend. He was later seen next to the Carousel, behind Dwayne and in front of Marko.

Personal Information

Paul riding his bike


Personality: Contrary to popular belief, Paul was the last Vampire turned before Star joined, making him the youngest. He is also the most funniest (as stated in the book) and he is the only Lost Boy that Star talks to. In the film, he came off as a pot-head, which is basically true, but in the book he is shown to be more of a joker or a comedian and a true rocker of the 80's than anything. He is closer to Marko than any other Lost Boy as they are seen kicking each other while hanging from the railway line, dragging Marko away from the fight with the Surf Nazis and fiercly upset over Marko's death when trying to kill Edgar.

Appearance: Paul looks and acts like a true rocker from the 80's. He has long, wild blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a black coat that reaches his knees with the sleeved rolled up to his elbows and split up the back, ending at his waste-line. He wears a brown shirt, tight, dirty white pants with a black belt, black leg-warmers on his shin, brown boots, and a few bracelets on his wrist as well as a watch.

As A Vampire

Paul in Vampire form


Personality: The same, more serious.

Appearance: Paul, in his Vampire form, has higher cheek-bones, more defined brow bones, a more angular face, yellow/gold eyes with darker pupil and a brownish/gray surrounding both eyes; he also has fangs.


Paul sleeping


Micheal Emerson: Paul is shown to joke more around Micheal.

Sam Emerson: Nothing specified.

Lucy Emerson: Nothing specified.

The Frog Brothers': Reason he was killed.

The Lost Boys

David: Very respected, friend.
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Paul, David, Dwayne, and Marko--The Lost Boys

Dwayne: Friend.

Marko: Friend, likes to fool around with.

Star: Star mostly talks with him than any of the other Boys'.

Laddie: Nothing specified; is shown playing with him sometimes.

'Maria: Possible interest; he was the one who first saw her, and (with Marko and Dwayne) walked over to talk to her before being kicked out and quoting that they only go into Max's video store to watch one thing'.

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Paul dying


Paul chased the Frog brothers and trapped them in a bathroom. Edgar stuns him by splashing Holy Water onto his face, and Nanook busts in, knocking Paul into a tub of Holy Water and Garlic, which burned and dissolved him.

Life Before The Lost BoysEdit

Nothing specified; fan speculated that he was late teen of the 80's.

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