“Sam: Got a problem, guys?


Edgar: Just scoping you're civilian wardrobe.

Sam: Pretty cool, huh?

Alan: For a fashion victim.”


He moved to Santa Carla from Phoenix with his mother, Lucy Emerson and his brother, Michael Emerson because of his parents' divorce. He meets the Frog Brothers at the Comic Book store, and after reading the 'Vampire's Everywhere' Comic, he realizes that his brother is a Vampire when his reflection in the mirror is almost non-existent. He teams up with the Frog Brothers to save his brother and his mother from the Lost Boys.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Sam is often very naïve and joking around with people. He doesn't take many things seriously and often gets into trouble. In the book, he is more of a joker and shown as a petty trouble-maker. He enjoys MTV and comic books, and was shown as very let-down when he found out that his grandfather didn't have a TV.
Sam and Michael after Dwayne's death

Sam and Michael

Appearance: Described as a 'fashion victim' by Alan and Edgar Frog, Sam is a true child of the 80's. His loose and flashy clothing mostly consists of a colorful printed Tee, a pair of baggy jeans, and sneakers. He has messy blond hair and blue eyes.


Lucy Emerson: Mother.

Sam and Michael

Sam and Michael

Micheal Emerson:

Star: Girl his brother likes.
Sam and Star

Sam and Star

The Lost Boys

David: Generally non-existent.

Marko: Non-existent.

Dwayne: Reason Dwayne is dead. Pretty non-existent.

Paul: Non-existent

Laddie: Non-existent; the little boy that Star is with.

Max: The man who is dating his mother, suspected vampire (confirmed).

The Frog Brothers: They start off pretty rocky, but eventually they become pretty good friends. He aids the Frog Brothers' on their vampire hunt.
Sam, Alan, Edgar and Michael

Sam, Alan, Edgar and Michael

After The EventsEdit

In the second film, it shows that Sam (nearly twenty years later) is, in fact, a vampire.

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