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"But for me it gets harder and harder to resist, I'm weak".
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Star was first introduced on the Boardwalk at a concert with Laddie. She caught the attention of Michael, and was later seen leading him around the Boardwalk.

Personal InformationEdit

Personality: Star is the first half-vampire and is torn between wanting Michael, but not wanting him to know about what is going on. She is very protective of Laddie and is willing to do anything to protect him. She is somewhat selfish in wanting Michael to get away from the Boys', but wanting to still see him. She feels most comfortable taking with Paul out of any Lost Boy.

Appearance: Star looks like a true hippie of the 80's. She has wild, curly brown hair, and brown eyes. She is shown wearing long skirts, sandles, and tank tops, as well as may bracelets.
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Michael Emerson: Romantic interest.

Michael and Star

Sam Emerson: Brother of romantic interest.

Lucy Emerson: Mother of romantic interest.

The Frog Brothers': Kind of wary of them and their constant confessions of wanting to kill her; helped save her.

The Lost Boys:

David and Star staring at Michael

David and Star

It is unknown if they were romantically involved or not, but Star seems to be afraid or angry at David but continues to listen to him.

Star and Laddie

Dwayne: Non-existent.

Marko: Non-existent.

Paul: The only one she feels she can confide in.

Laddie: Brother/sister relationship; very protective.


In the book, it is said that she use to fight with her family all the time and she eventually got fed up and ran away.

Life After the Events

Star and The Boys

Nothing specified; it is said that she Married Michael and had two kids, presumably Nichole and Chris Emerson.

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