"They rock, they roll, they're after you're soul... They're vampires"

- Front cover

" By day, it was a sunny beach community. By night, it was the domain of evil. And the Lost Boys ruled.

They were the coolest biker gang on the boardwalk. They slept all day, partied all night. And Michael Emerson, the new boy in town, was eager to join up.

That’s when things started getting weird – and Michael’s little brother Sam, a comic book junkie, learned the horrifying truth about the Lost Boys:

They were evil incarnate.

They thirsted for blood.

And Michael was about to be initiated…"'

-The back cover of the book


The Book


As was the case for many of Warner Brothers' films at the time, Craig Shaw Gardner, was given a copy of the script and asked to write a short novel to accompany the film's release. It was released in paperback by Berkley Publishing and is 220 pages long. It includes several scenes later dropped from the film such as Michael working as a trash collector for money to buy his leather jacket. It expands the roles of the opposing gang, the Surf Nazis, who were seen as nameless victims of the vampires in the film. It includes several tidbits of vampire lore, such as not being able to cross running water and salt sticking to their forms. It has become something of a collector's item among fans, with prices ranging from $20 for a well-read and battered copy to well over a $150 for copies in good condition. Grandpa is also the narrator.

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